Electric scooters

Smart Anti-theft

Our scooters are equipped with an intelligent anti-theft system, that prevents the vehicle from moving.

Disc Breake

The disc brake system on both wheels ensures an efficient and safe stop.

Led Light

The scooter is equipped with LED bulbs to reduce consumption and to get better visibility in traffic.

BOSCH engine

Engine is developed by BOSCH for high performance.

Electric mobility

Our e-scooters are environmentally friendly and help you get to your destination at a low cost, avoiding congestion. For user comfort AIMA scooters are equipped with intelligent alarm system, led headlights and motors developed by BOSCH.

Tiger X6

for Urban jungle

This model is appreciated by customers for the fact that it has a special design and very good operating characteristics. It gives more confidence to the people who use it.

Aima Romania

Mine Plus

The classic one

This is the most purchased model because it is perfect for all the needs of our clients. It is easy to handle and pleasant to drive.

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Aima Romania

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BOSCH Engine

Our models are equipped with an engine developed by Bosch for increased durability